From writing and concept development to compression and deployment,
we can work end-to-end or piecemeal. We like to think we can tackle any
challenge handed to us, but we really shine in the following areas:

Motion Design

We love to make concepts come to life with animation. We’ve made characters run and jump, brought life to flat illustrations, and continuously experiment with new ways to make things move.

Interactive Installations

We love to create interactive experiences that have never been done before. From motion and sound reactive lights to mirrors that know when you are looking into them, we help clients realize their ideas no matter how crazy they may be.

Experience Design

We’ve transformed warehouses into glamorous parties, brought the cinematic worlds of Harry Potter and Tron to the real world, and designed immersive galas that raised millions of dollars for nonprofits.

Sound Design

We create custom sound effects for all of our work. Excellent sound design is just as important as the visuals – why would you pair great ideas with anything less?

Large Scale Projection Content

We specialize in creating content for the biggest screens. From a 200-foot-long enchanted forest to concert visuals for Motley Crue, we bring our strong design skills to the big screen to engage audiences.

Music Composition

With in-house composition and music creation, we don’t rely on stock music or mass-produced audio. We create the perfect score for each project’s specific needs.

We’ve worked with a long list of Fortune 500 clients and outstanding agencies.

Here are some you might recognize: