OnRamps: A Blended-Learning Movement Designed to Propel Student Success

Combining challenging online coursework with rich multimedia, interactive tools, and deep learning analytics,
OnRamps guides students to postsecondary academic success.

Character Design and Animation

Project Engage extends the capabilities of OnRamps to computer science instruction. Houndstooth created a series of introductory videos that introduced students to projects throughout the course. We brought a diverse set of characters to life with original design, animation, and audio.

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Course Features

With far too many high school and community college students struggling with the leap to university-level coursework, the University of Texas at Austin partnered with Houndstooth & Enspire Studios to create a series of dual-credit courses in English, Mathematics, and Computer Science designed by the faculty at The University of Texas at Austin to prepare those students for the academic road ahead.  These interactive courses feature content that is customizable, rigorous, and engaging within a web-based framework.  Click here for more information on the OnRamps program at The University of Texas at Austin, or watch the trailer below.