The Eco Light Garden

In 2013, Houndstooth dramatically transformed Republic Square Park during SXSW with a variety of Eco-themed lighting sculptures that not only provided ambient light for people walking through the park, but also provided a place for visitors to relax and play.Throughout the week over 100,000 people visited, with numerous check-ins, tweets, and photos about the park and its lighting appearing in social media each night.

From Trash to Treasure

Houndstooth built four free-standing sculptures that included an illuminated cube composed of recycled water bottles, a styrofoam tower, a rectangular column made from milk jugs, and a tree constructed with LED lights and aluminum conduit. Houndstooth worked with a local recycling organization to source materials for the projects to keep as much of the raw material as possible in a state that could be returned to the recycling plant. The sculptures were lit from within in various colors, with lights that created a pulsating and organic effect, giving the “trash” a second life.