Houndstooth is a solutions-based studio;
where we believe in the power of creating audience experiences.


When they needed a new user-experience, and more
media rich content for their learning environment;
Houndstooth provided video editing, navigation/UX
design, interviews, and more.


We partnered with SXSW Eco and created a light sculpture garden
made out of recycled materials like tubes, milk jugs, and more.
Using programmed lighting sequences and some interactivity
we created a unique audience experience for all ages at a public park.

Motley Crue

On tour, Houndstooth Studio was contracted to create
the background graphic display system that was used
throughout the concert, and specifically Tommy Lee's drum
solo so that audio and visual experiences were heightened for all.

University of Texas

When their online student training materials needed to
be more engaging Houndstooth created characters with an
original style treatment that we animated, and recorded
voice-over for. All produced at our in-house recording studio
with script and talent included.